For the Office for Mac elite out there, this may be dull, but I found myself frustrated over the organization of the header styling for quite some time with Office 2011 for Mac. Particularly, Word 2011 offers nice, stylish document headers, but most headers default to only showing on an even or odd page. Here’s how to use that neat predesigned header on all pages.

First, insert a header. Start by clicking the “Document Elements” tab on the Ribbon and then selecting the “Header” icon. A drop-down tab will present a variety of neat headers. Select one (obviously one that defaults to showing only on an odd or even page, for the sake of this demonstration). If you select a header that appears on an even page and you are working with a one-page document, you likely won’t see any header.

Selecting a header

Selecting a header

A header will be inserted into the document. Keep the focus on the header to format the header (have the header selected so you can modify the text in the header). With the header selected, you should see a new addition to the tabs on the Ribbon called “Header and Footer”. Open that tab.

Header and Footer Tab

Header and Footer Tab (Click to enlarge)

There, under the options category, you’ll see a check-box called “Different Odd & Even Pages”. It is probably initially checked. This is forcing your header to appear only on every even or odd page, depending on what the default format was for the header you selected. Uncheck that box and the neat default headers will be applied to all pages in the document!

Odd-page header on page 2

Header on page 2 (Click to enlarge)